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Tag: "Derrida"

An Event, Perhaps: A Biography of Jacques Derrida by Peter Salmon

Omar Sabbagh on a biography of Jacques Derrida.
[Issue 147: December 2021 / January 2022: Books]

What is Derrida Saying to Us?

Mike Sutton gives us his present interpretation of Derrida’s traces.
[Issue 127: August/September 2018: Continental Thoughts]

Xenos: Jacques Derrida on Hospitality

Peter Benson tackles xenophobia with the help of Jacques Derrida and Plato.
[Issue 123: December 2017 / January 2018: Prejudice & Perception]

Catherine Malabou & The Continental Philosophy of Brains

Dale DeBakcsy urges rigor in applying science allegorically to philosophical problems.
[Issue 114: June/July 2016: Philosophical Science]

Maurizio Ferraris

Manuel Carta talks with Prof. Maurizio Ferraris of the University of Turin, another leading exponent of New Realism.
[Issue 113: April/May 2016: New Realism]

Derrida’s Performance

Yonathan Listik puts in a linguistic performance to communicate Derrida’s linguistic performance.
[Issue 107: April/May 2015: Modern French Philosophy]

Derrida On Language

Peter Benson tells us what language is and isn’t according to Jacques Derrida.
[Issue 100: January/February 2014: Philosophy and Language]

Caché (Hidden)

Babak Amou’oghli relates a tale of hospitality and hostility.
[Issue 84: May/June 2011: Films]

Beware of Truth!

Peter Benson tries to clear Jacques Derrida’s unjustly infamous name, and shows how memes spread in modern academia.
[Issue 72: March/April 2009: Articles]

Derrida: Thinking The Impossible

Roger Caldwell considers whether it’s possible to consider Derrida.
[Issue 60: March/April 2007: Literature]

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