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Tag: "Foucault"

Neoliberalism & Social Control

Arianna Marchetti looks at how the Continental philosophers Michel Foucault and Byung-Chul Han view free-market politics.
[Issue 139 :: August/September 2020 :: Articles]

Foucault’s Elephant

Thomas Morrison looks hard at Michel Foucault’s problem with science.
[Issue 127 :: August/September 2018 :: Continental Thoughts]

Michel Foucault (1926-1984)

by Terence Green
[Issue 125 :: April/May 2018 :: Philosophical Haiku]

Alien: Covenant

Stefan Bolea talks of madness, antihumanism, and the arrival of the new gods.
[Issue 124 :: February/March 2018 :: Films]

The Heterotopia of Facebook

Robin Rymarczuk is Michel Foucault’s ‘friend’.
[Issue 107 :: April/May 2015 :: Modern French Philosophy]

The Heterotopia of Disney World

Christophe Bruchansky asks if we’re living in a global themepark.
[Issue 77 :: February/March 2010 :: Continental Tales]

Me, Paranoid? Who told you?

by Rick Lewis
[Issue 66 :: March/April 2008 :: Editorial]

Defining Violence

Terri Murray on Wim Wenders and panoptic power.
[Issue 66 :: March/April 2008 :: Films]

What is an Author?

What’s in a name? Marnie Binder asks if it matters who’s writing, and other questions of authorship.
[Issue 60 :: March/April 2007 :: Literature]

Philosophy and the Panopticon

Surveillance cameras watch our every move. They reduce crime and maybe save lives. So why the fuss about privacy? Scott O’Reilly discusses the technologies of control.
[Issue 36 :: June/July 2002 :: Articles]

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