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Tag: "Hegel"

Escaping Scepticism with Hegel & Heidegger

Benedict O’Connell asks, must reasoning ultimately rest upon mere assumption?
[Issue 142 :: February/March 2021 :: The Tree of Knowledge]

The Biggest Picture

by Grant Bartley
[Issue 140 :: October/November 2020 :: Editorial]

G.W.F. Hegel: An Introduction

Matt Qvortrup observes the watcher of the world spirit.
[Issue 140 :: October/November 2020 :: Hegel & History]

Hegel’s Understanding of History

Jack Fox-Williams outlines the basics of how history works for Hegel.
[Issue 140 :: October/November 2020 :: Hegel & History]

Hegel, ‘The Father of Art History’?

Michael Squire scrutinises Hegel’s historical ideas about aesthetics.
[Issue 140 :: October/November 2020 :: Hegel & History]

Hegel On The Future, Hegel In The Future

Slavoj Žižek says Hegel doesn’t need to be a prophet to point us to a better tomorrow.
[Issue 140 :: October/November 2020 :: Hegel & History]

Hegel’s Last System

by Peter Lach-Newinsky
[Issue 140 :: October/November 2020 :: Poetry]

Come Together

Peter Adamson on agreement in philosophy.
[Issue 140 :: October/November 2020 :: Philosophy Then]

Hegel Walks Into A Bar…

James V. Mead overhears Hegel mansplaining #MeToo.
[Issue 140 :: October/November 2020 :: Fiction]

Hegel on History

Lawrence Evans rationally interprets Hegel’s rational interpretation of history.
[Issue 129 :: December 2018 / January 2019 :: Articles]

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