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Tag: "aesthetics"

The Philosophy of Creativity edited by Elliot Paul and Scott Barry Kaufman

Les Reid has a creative response to a book on the philosophy of creativity.
[Issue 120 :: June/July 2017 :: Books]

On Bowie by Simon Critchley

Daryn Green looks, listens, and thinks about the art and philosophy of David Bowie.
[Issue 118 :: February/March 2017 :: Books]

Aesthetic Democracy

Mihail Evans studies art to understand politics.
[Issue 116 :: October/November 2016 :: Visions of Society]

Angles on Art

by Grant Bartley
[Issue 108 :: June/July 2015 :: Editorial]

Art As An Encounter

Daniel Vargas Gómez considers what we encounter when we encounter art.
[Issue 108 :: June/July 2015 :: The Art Issue]

The Hard Case of Duchamp’s Fountain

Launt Thompson argues that some popular trends in art criticism are fallacies.
[Issue 108 :: June/July 2015 :: The Art Issue]

What is Art? and/or What is Beauty?

The following answers to this artful question each win a random book.
[Issue 108 :: June/July 2015 :: Question of the Month]

The Afterlives of Modernism

Siobhan Lyons argues that modernist artistic values of sincere self-expression are culturally reasserting themselves.
[Issue 108 :: June/July 2015 :: The Art Issue]

The Moral Countenance of Art

Emrys Westacott asks if we can really tell what it is that films and other art are either condemning or condoning.
[Issue 105 :: November/December 2014 :: Films]

Reflections on the Death of Celluloid

Thomas Wartenberg looks at philosophy literally on film.
[Issue 104 :: September/October 2014 :: Films]

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