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Tag: "metaphysics"

The Rigor of Angels by William Egginton

Leonid Bilmes considers the problems we face if we assume our theories match reality.
[Issue 160: February/March 2024: Books]

An Itsy-Bitsy Universe?

Raymond Tallis breaks down the ultimate breakdown.
[Issue 158: October/November 2023: Tallis in Wonderland]

Reality, Time and All That

by Rick Lewis
[Issue 157: August/September 2023: Editorial]

Austin & ‘Reality’

Will Bynoe on milk, therapy, and the nature of being.
[Issue 157: August/September 2023: Metaphysics]

John Locke & Personal Identity

Nurana Rajabova considers why, according to John Locke, you continue to be you.
[Issue 157: August/September 2023: Metaphysics]

Solving the Mystery of Mathematics

Jared Warren says, think of a number. What exactly are you thinking of?
[Issue 157: August/September 2023: Metaphysics]

Kant on Time

Letizia Nonnis unfolds Kant’s conception of the nature of and experience of time.
[Issue 157: August/September 2023: Metaphysics]

Metaphysical Skepticism

Jacob Bell argues that we can’t determine the ultimate nature of reality.
[Issue 157: August/September 2023: Metaphysics]


by Oliver Leech
[Issue 157: August/September 2023: Poetry]

Reflections on Reality

Raymond Tallis holds a mirror up to the philosophical world.
[Issue 157: August/September 2023: Tallis in Wonderland]

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