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Tag: "metaphysics"

Transcending Kant

Joshua Mozersky argues that reality itself might be accessible to us.
[Issue 150 :: June/July 2022 :: Immanuel Kant]

Cogito ergo sum

by Richard Golah-Ebue
[Issue 148 :: February/March 2022 :: Poetry]

Coronavirus, Correlation & Causation

Martin Jenkins uses the virus to test our knowledge of causation.
[Issue 146 :: October/November 2021 :: Reality]

Buddhist Metaphysics

Brian Morris describes four varieties of Buddhist metaphysics, and questions whether they can form one coherent system of thought.
[Issue 146 :: October/November 2021 :: Reality]

So You Think There are Laws in Nature?

Eleni Angelou eavesdrops on a conversation between a Believer and a Sceptic.
[Issue 146 :: October/November 2021 :: Reality]

The Riddle of the Sphincter

Raymond Tallis reflects on embodiment.
[Issue 145 :: August/September 2021 :: Tallis in Wonderland]

Martin Savransky

Martin Savransky is a Senior Lecturer in Sociology at Goldsmiths, University of London. He works at the intersections of philosophy, postcolonial studies & political ecology. Thiago Pinho talks with him about Pragmatism and the politics of the pluriverse.
[Issue 144 :: June/July 2021 :: Interview]

Philosophy in a Technological World: Gods and Titans by James Tartaglia

Kieran Brayford thinks ahead.
[Issue 144 :: June/July 2021 :: Books]

Arguing with a Solipsist

Raymond Tallis takes it upon himself to prove that you exist.
[Issue 141 :: December 2020 / January 2021 :: Tallis in Wonderland]

Plotinus (204/5-270 CE)

by Terence Green
[Issue 139 :: August/September 2020 :: Philosophical Haiku]

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