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Tag: "personhood"

“Will the real Mr Bowie please stand up?”

Stefán Snævarr explores Derek Parfit’s ideas about the self, and how they might apply to the complex (of) personalities of David Bowie.
[Issue 118 :: February/March 2017 :: Articles]

Julia Kristeva

Dale DeBakcsy tells us how to not mean what we can’t say.
[Issue 107 :: April/May 2015 :: Brief Lives]

Simon & Finn

by Melissa Felder
[Issue 107 :: April/May 2015 :: Cartoon]

What’s So Simple About Personal Identity?

Joshua Farris asks what you find when you find yourself.
[Issue 107 :: April/May 2015 :: Articles]

On Being (Roughly) Here

Raymond Tallis tries to work out where he is.
[Issue 106 :: February/March 2015 :: Tallis in Wonderland]

Does Psychiatry Medicalize Normality?

Ronald Pies MD argues that it doesn’t.
[Issue 99 :: November/December 2013 :: Articles]

A Philosophical Identity Crisis

Chris Durante asks himself just what makes him the person he used to be.
[Issue 97 :: July/August 2013 :: The Self]

The Self and Self-Knowledge

Richard Baron inspects different ideas of the self.
[Issue 97 :: July/August 2013 :: Books]

The Sleeper Wakes

by Joel Marks
[Issue 89 :: March/April 2012 :: Ethical Episodes]

Who Or What Am I?

The following answers to the question of the self each win a random book.
[Issue 84 :: May/June 2011 :: Question of the Month]

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