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Iris Murdoch (1919-1999)

Gary Browning tells us why Iris Murdoch stands out as a twentieth century thinker.
[Issue 139 :: August/September 2020]

The Plague & The Plague

Dylan Daniel finds many contemporary resonances in Albert Camus’ novel.
[Issue 138 :: June/July 2020]

Social Distancing in Solitude

J.R. Davis asks what Thoreau’s experience of isolation can teach us.
[Issue 138 :: June/July 2020]

Philosophy & The Creation of the Individual

Mark Vernon chronicles a revolution in consciousness.
[Issue 138 :: June/July 2020]

Et In Arcadia Ego

Vaitsa Giannouli asks philosophical questions about dementia and responsibility.
[Issue 138 :: June/July 2020]

Those Who Justify Genocide

Michael McManus asks what remains of morality in the face of genocide.
[Issue 138 :: June/July 2020]

John Locke (1632-1704)

John P. Irish goes into full Locke-down with a titan of philosophy.
[Issue 138 :: June/July 2020]

When Worlds (moral & causal) Collide

Toni Vogel Carey wrestles with conflicts of duty.
[Issue 137 :: April/May 2020]

To Infinity… and Beyond!

Owain Griffin takes a leap beyond the limits of numbers, into concepts.
[Issue 137 :: April/May 2020]

Return To Infinity!

Les Reid wonders whether the universe might turn out to be infinite after all.
[Issue 137 :: April/May 2020]

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