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Susan Hopkins isn’t clueless about feminism’s Nietzsche.
[Issue 109: August/September 2015: Films: 5 matches]

The Undead Gourmet

Brendan Riley asks: is it okay to kill a zombie just because it wants to eat you?
[Issue 96: May/June 2013: Zombies & Philosophy: 5 matches]

The Paranormal, Urban Legends and Critical Thinking

Tim Madigan takes time out to tell some high school students a no-ghost story.
[Issue 42: July/August 2003: Philosophy & the Paranormal: 5 matches]


Albert Filice looks in the mirror and observes an alien consciousness through the eyes of Hegel.
[Issue 77: February/March 2010: Films: 5 matches]

The Last Supper

Terri Murray watches a liberal death squad in operation. (Warning: Contains spoilers!)
[Issue 114: June/July 2016: Films: 5 matches]

Zombie Movie Morals (II)

Sarah Stone draws lessons about leadership.
[Issue 96: May/June 2013: Films: 5 matches]

Thus Conscience Doth Make Crickets of Us All

Tim Madigan is startled by the form of the angel on his shoulder.
[Issue 74: July/August 2009: Food for Thought: 5 matches]


Stefan Bolea takes us on a tour of European nihilism.
[Issue 91: July/August 2012: Films: 5 matches]

The Denial of the Will-To-Live in Literature and Music

Eva Cybulska considers Schopenhauer’s influence on writers and composers.
[Issue 91: July/August 2012: Articles: 5 matches]

The Big Lebowski

Matt Qvortrup contemplates Dude philosophy.
[Issue 123: December 2017 / January 2018: Films: 5 matches]

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