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Tag: "Nietzsche"

Alien: Covenant

Stefan Bolea talks of madness, antihumanism, and the arrival of the new gods.
[Issue 124 :: February/March 2018 :: Films]


Dharmender Dhillon views this Guy Ritchie film through Buddhist and Nietzschean lenses.
[Issue 119 :: April/May 2017 :: Films]

Anti-Education by Friedrich Nietzsche

Daniel Telech reviews Nietzsche’s startling opinions on the aims of education.
[Issue 116 :: October/November 2016 :: Books]

Nietzsche and the Problem of Suffering

Van Harvey on the metaphysical aspects of an anti-metaphysical philosophy.
[Issue 114 :: June/July 2016 :: Articles]

How Nietzsche Inspired Dalí

Magdalena Scholle looks for Apollonian and Dionysian traits in Salvador Dalí’s art.
[Issue 112 :: February/March 2016 :: Articles]


Susan Hopkins isn’t clueless about feminism’s Nietzsche.
[Issue 109 :: August/September 2015 :: Films]

Nietzsche on Love

Willow Verkerk considers what Nietzsche has to teach us about love.
[Issue 104 :: September/October 2014 :: Articles]

The Twin Souls of Oscar Wilde and Friedrich Nietzsche

Yahia Lababidi meditates on the aesthetics and ethics of two great contrarians.
[Issue 94 :: January/February 2013 :: Reading, Writing, Thinking]

Many Happy Returns

by Rick Lewis
[Issue 93 :: November/December 2012 :: Editorial]

Nietzsche, Our Contemporary

Eric Walther introduces the infamous iconoclast.
[Issue 93 :: November/December 2012 :: Nietzsche Reloaded]

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