Son of Socrates

by Vesuvia
[Issue 9: Summer 1994]

A Young Veteran

by Raoul Jose Luis-y-Pelly
[Issue 9: Summer 1994]

The Existentialist Greyhound, or Jean-Paul Sartre goes to the White City (and loses all his money)

by Tim Lebon (with apologies to P.G. Wodehouse)
[Issue 9: Summer 1994]

Philosophers Rule OK?

Tim Ogden thinks not.
[Issue 8: Winter 1993/94]

The Philosopher’s Stone

by Geoffrey Scarre
[Issue 5: Spring 1993]


by J.P.M. Benstead
[Issue 5: Spring 1993]

The Weeping Philosopher

by Andrew Belsey
[Issue 5: Spring 1993]

The Case of the Novel Crime

Andrew Belsey tells it like it wasn’t.
[Issue 4: Autumn 1992]


by Nick Colton
[Issue 4: Autumn 1992]

Poetry Competition Results

Let a thousand flowers blossom” –Chairman Mao
[Issue 3: Summer 1992]

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