Issue 124

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Issue 124: February/March 2018


Sticks and Stones

by Rick Lewis


News: February/March 2018

Remembering Murphy’s Law • Control cars with your mind! (What could go wrong?) • Children and chimpanzees crave revenge — News reports by Anja Steinbauer and Filiz Peach


The Philosophy of War

Ziyad Hayatli presents a condensed history of the philosophy of war.

Bergson: Rights, Instincts, Visions & War

Carl Strasen says Henri Bergson’s ideas about wars need rediscovering.

Non-Violent Voices

Oidinposha Imamkhodjaeva assesses arguments against violence among ancient Asian philosophies.


The Puzzle Of Patriotism

Phil Badger tries to make sense of a tangle of pride, identity and metaphysics.

Free Will Is Still Alive!

Carlo Filice questions recent attempts to question free will.

Is Everything A Computer?

Paul Austin Murphy computes the probabilities.

Splitting Chairs

Quentin Mareuse distinguishes lots of ways of distinguishing things.

Twelve Principles of Knowledge

George Dunseth outlines basic principles for knowing whether or not ideas are true.

Are You A Garbled Relativist?

Ray Prebble argues that moral relativism is both incoherent and immoral.

Why False Beliefs Are Not Always Bad

Sally Latham argues that sometimes it’s better to be wrong.

Thomas Hobbes (1588-1679)

Alistair MacFarlane considers the long and thoughtful life of Thomas Hobbes.


Jerry Fodor (1935-2017)

Daniel Hutto says goodbye to a memorable philosophical sparring partner.


Aaron James

Skye Cleary interviews Aaron James about his new book, Surfing With Sartre.



Prejudice & Toleration • Prostitution & Free Will • Digital & Trivial • Pull Your Socs Up • The Buddhist Boomerang • Misreading Cubism • Consciousness Baffles Brains • Experiencing Disagreement • Spinozist Anti-Simulation Argument • Finding Refuge • The Real Ethical Questions


Siddhartha Gautama: The Buddha (c. 563-483 BCE)

by Terence Green

Wittgenstein & The War

Peter Adamson says one good thing came out of WW1.

Torpid In A Taxi

Seán Moran contemplates a comatose cabbie.

On Looking at the Back of My Hand

Raymond Tallis finds unexpected depths of knowledge.


Experiencing Time by Simon Prosser

Heather Dyke passes time reading about a denial of the passing of time.

The Trolley Problem Mysteries by F. M. Kamm

Richard Baron tracks what Trolley Problems can tell us about ethics.

Anger and Forgiveness by Martha Nussbaum

Trevor Pateman looks at problems with anger and forgiveness.

Alien: Covenant

Stefan Bolea talks of madness, antihumanism, and the arrival of the new gods.


Chris Gill’s Cartoon

by Chris Gill

Simon & Finn

by Melissa Felder

Bill Stott’s Cartoon

by Bill Stott

Negative Schemata

by Bofy


Freedom 2199

Jonathan Sheasby discovers some unexpected perils of AI.

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