Issue 136

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Issue 136: February/March 2020


Greeks Bearing Gifts

by Rick Lewis


News: February/March 2020

Charred scrolls yield Philodemus’ notes • French philosophers debate their future • A ‘philosophical belief’ wins legal protection — News reports by Anja Steinbauer


Fellowship For Aristotle & Tolkien

Andy Owen explains what Aristotle was tolkien about.

The Wisdom of Ignorance

Daniel Silvermintz wants us to rediscover the virtue of Socratic ignorance.

What Philosophy Does To Philosophers

Rohan Somji looks at the consequences of thinking for three antique thinkers.

A Stoic Response To The Climate Crisis

Matthew Gindin thinks that the Stoics have useful advice for us right now.

The Tragedy That Was Athens

Alex Holzman sees the history of Golden Age Athens as a play with Pericles and Socrates as its tragic heroes.

Let Plato Plan Your Wedding!

Krista Rodkey assembles wedding plans from Plato’s advice on romance and parties in the Republic, Laws, Symposium, & Phaedrus.


An Essay on Nothing

Sophia Gottfried meditates on the emptiness of non-existence.

Francis Fukuyama & the Perils of Identity

Peter Benson critiques a liberal but nationalistic brand of identity politics.

How To Change Your Mind

Steven Campbell-Harris tells us how philosophy can change thinking.

Immanuel Kant’s Globalization Program

Dan Corjescu looks at how Kant wanted to unite the world.

Kant’s Opus postumum

Terrence Thomson wrestles with Kant’s unfinished work to ask what we should expect from philosophy books.


E.T. Urso has some philosophical ambivalence for us especially for Valentine’s Day.

Etienne de la Boétie (1530-1563)

Martin Jenkins looks at the life of an influential early political philosopher.


Gary Cox

Gary Cox is the author of several books on existentialism and general philosophy. The 10th anniversary edition of his bestselling self-help book How to Be an Existentialist was published recently. Gavin Smith talks with him about existentialism.



Press (For) Freedoms • Sleepy Security • Denier-Denier • Viva Santa! • The Author Strikes Back • Artful About Arthur • Pointing Out the Obvious To Tallis? • Epistolary Enhancements • Far Right? Very Wrong


Heraclitus (c.535-475 BCE)

by Terence Green

The Pleasure Principle

Peter Adamson takes pleasure in pondering ancient hedonism.

Destined In Delhi

Seán Moran contemplates kismet and choreography.

Paying Attention to Attention

Raymond Tallis becomes aware that he can’t afford to ignore attention.


I Am Dynamite! by Sue Prideaux

Scott Parker looks at Sue Prideaux’s (armour) penetrating biography of Friedrich Nietzsche.

Nihilism & Philosophy by Gideon Barker

Roger Caldwell scrutinises philosophical revolutions.

Probably Approximately Correct by Leslie Valiant

Joshua Schrier is approximately correct, probably.


Ștefan Bolea meditates on madness at the movies.


Simon & Finn

by Melissa Felder

Guto Dias’ Cartoon

by Guto Dias

Jonny Hawkins’ Cartoon

by Jonny Hawkins


What is Freedom?

Vincent Kavaloski modernises Plato’s allegory of the Cave.

Achilles and the Tortoise

by Peter Mullen

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