Issue 143

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Issue 143: April/May 2021


Art & Soul

by Rick Lewis


News: April/May 2021

Milgram II: The Horror Returns • Laroui Only Lives Thrice • Do Martian Microbes Have Rights? — News reports by Anja Steinbauer


Art & Morality: A Bittersweet Symphony

Jessica Logue conducts an investigation into their relationship.

Pact or Artifact?

Greg Stone offers a contractual definition of art, among other artful ideas.

The Not So Benign World of Photography

Atika Qasim questions her own, and others’, motives for taking photos.

From Conceptual Art to Social Art

Peter Benson watches this ‘art movement’ with raised eyebrows.


The Moore the Merrier

Gary Cox opens up G.E. Moore’s ethics, and his open question argument.

A Philosophical Autobiography

Robin Wynyard reflects on his philosophical journey, and how this has influenced his thoughts about ageing.

Truth & Alienation In a Covid World

Alex Duell explores how the Covid-19 pandemic and the subsequent shift to life online has contributed to human alienation from nature.

Camus, The Plague and Us

Ray Boisvert on Albert Camus, Thomas Merton and a call to be a healer in a crisis.

Flash Philosophy

M.G. Piety quickly considers condensed contemplation.

The Last Will and Testament of Donatien-Alphonse-François Sade, Man of Letters

The Marquis De Sade’s actual will, translated into English by R J Dent.

Hannah Arendt (1906-1975)

Hilarius Bogbinder thinks about a political theorist who saw action as good thought.

What is Freedom?

Each answer below receives a book. Apologies to the entrants not included.


Peter Adamson

Peter Adamson is Professor of Late Ancient and Arabic Philosophy at the LMU in Munich, and a Philosophy Now columnist too. Amirali Maleki talks with him about Islamic philosophy.



Believe It Or Not • Reading The Signs • Neither Idle Nor Anxious • Time After Time • Free Illusions? • Unjust Causes? • Cold Compassion? • Full-of-Mindness • Let’s Rock


John Ruskin (1819-1900)

by Terence Green

Philosophers on Hope

by Matt Qvortrup

Thinking About Thinking

Raymond Tallis reflexes his mind muscle.


A Social Theory of Freedom by Mariam Thalos

We dive into the crosscurrents of society and identity, as Matt Teichman is captured by an idea of freedom.

Cynical Theories by James Lindsay & Helen Pluckrose

Stephen Anderson takes Social Justice Warriors to philosophical task.

Disobey! by Frédéric Gros

Tim Moxham urges us to disobey!

Sci Fi & The Meaning of Life

Shai Tubali sees how non-human minds mirror our condition back to us. [CONTAINS SPOILERS!]


Jon Carter’s Cartoon (1)

by Jon Carter

Simon & Finn

by Melissa Felder

Chris Madden’s Cartoon

by Chris Madden

Guto Dias’ Cartoon

by Guto Dias

Mike Shiell’s Cartoon

by Mike Shiell

Jon Carter’s Cartoon (2)

by Jon Carter


Friedrich Nietzsche’s Coffee Morning

Stephen McKenzie records a (mostly) friendly meeting between Friedrich Nietzsche, Khalil Gibran and Diotima of Mantinea.

A Day by the Stream with Heraclitus

by Sarah Rochelle

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