Issue 126

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Issue 126: June/July 2018


“Anyone who has good friends is a success”

by Tim Delaney


News: June/July 2018

Giant Karl Marx Bestrides Trier • Derek Parfit’s Photography Exhibition Opens • Bertrand Russell Prison Letters Project — News reports by Anja Steinbauer and Tim Beardmore-Gray


Aristotle on Forming Friendships

Tim Madigan and Daria Gorlova explain Aristotle’s understanding of good friends and tell us why we need them.

Contemporary Friendships

Tim Delaney and Anastasia Malakhova categorize and analyze the different kinds of modern-day friendships.

The Value of Friendship for Education

Robert Michael Ruehl calls for a friendly revolution.

Friendly Friar

Seán Moran asks amiable Aquinas about amity.


Teleology Rises from the Grave

Stephen Asma says biology needs to understand the purpose – the ‘telos’ – of organisms and systems.

The Original Meaning of Life

Stephen Leach and James Tartaglia investigate where the idea of the meaning of life originated.

Philosophers At The Dog Auction

How Kim Kavin found herself considering the philosophies of Kant, Mill and Singer at America’s biggest legal dog auction.

Why Physicalism is Wrong

Grant Bartley argues that to say the mind is physical is an abuse of language.

Our Duty to the Dead

Stamatina Liosi enlists the help of Immanuel Kant to discover why we have a duty to treat the dead with dignity.

G.E. Moore’s Hands

Roger Caldwell takes a sceptical look at scepticism.

John Stuart Mill (1806-1873)

Alistair MacFarlane looks at a man who applied his thought to his life.



Judging Heidegger • Hail & Hurricanes • Being & Appearance • Could A Philosopher Be Conscious? • The Ex-Freedom Files • Off-Balance In Translation


Thomas Hill Green (1836-1882)

by Terence Green

Can Confucians Have Friends?

Peter Adamson says the bonds of friendship are virtuous.

On Non-Existent Objects

Raymond Tallis explores non-being and time.


Philosophy of Nature by Paul Feyerabend

Massimo Pigliucci says the bad boy of philosophy of science has done it again, posthumously.

Ethics, Knowledge and Truth in Sports Research by Graham McFee

Paul Davis commentates on some philosophy of sports research.

L’Avenir (Things to Come)

Terri Murray takes in a subtle critique of academic philosophy’s anemic inertia.


Simon & Finn

by Melissa Felder

Loren Fishman’s Cartoon

by Loren Fishman

Chris Gill’s Cartoon

by Chris Gill


What Is It Like To Be A Bot?

Keith Frankish asks if it’s possible to know whether humans, or robots, have minds.

Plato’s New Cave

by Clinton Van Inman

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