Issue 142

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Issue 142: February/March 2021


Tree of Knowledge

by Rick Lewis


News: February/March 2021

Time travel “possible without paradoxes&rduqo; • Legal ethics pioneer dies • Germany bans slaughter of male chicks — News reports by Anja Steinbauer


The Limits of Argument

Howard Darmstadter asks why rational debate doesn’t often change minds.

Criticising Science

Martin Kusch and Alexander Reutlinger discuss the ways science is criticised.

I Don’t Believe It!

Dene Bebbington presents a couple of bad but popular arguments.

Escaping Scepticism with Hegel & Heidegger

Benedict O’Connell asks, must reasoning ultimately rest upon mere assumption?

Elements of Truth

Michael Baumann lists eight essential questions for judging the reliability of information.

The Limits of Computation

Apostolos Syropoulos goes back to BASICs to consider whether the human brain is a computer.


The View From Somewhere Else

Andy Owen travels to see various perspectives from various perspectives.

Anxious Idleness

Why are we incapable of guilt-free leisure? Jacob Snyder says, blame John Locke!

Further Animal Liberation

John Tamilio III augments the arguments of Peter Singer.

How to Look at Facebook

Devon Bombassei considers the irony of our ‘liberation’ in the digital age.

Plato (427-347 BC)

William Dante Deacon looks at the life of a founding father of Western philosophy.


Stefan Lorenz Sorgner

Stefan Lorenz Sorgner is a philosophy professor at John Cabot University in Rome, and Founder and Editor-in-Chief of The Journal of Posthuman Studies. His most recent book, On Transhumanism, was recently published by Penn State University Press. He chats about transhumanism with Roberto Manzocco.



I See I • Mary Midgley, Human Being • Inveigled by Hegel? • Technology vs Progress • Mathematics vs Pascal • No Capital Letter • (No) Opium for the Masses? • Eradicating Vulnerabilities • No Christianity & Homosexuality


George Berkeley (1685-1753)

by Terence Green

Philosophers on Buildings

by Matt Qvortrup

The Missing Link

Peter Adamson perceives absences in Indian epistemology.

Floating Over Fallowfield

Seán Moran takes a bird’s-eye view of risk.

Perception & Reality

Raymond Tallis perceives a difference between them.


Why We Are in Need of Tails by Maria daVenza Tillmanns

Philosophy is child’s play this issue, as Sergey Borisov explores the existential need for commitment using tails.

Philosophy Friends! by Francisco Mejia Uribe

Max Rocky Zelcer and Mark Zelcer review five short childrens’ books starring their Philosophy Friends!

Cuties (Mignonnes)

Majalli Fatah rips apart a so-called ‘feminist’ critique of an uncomfortable feminist film.


Harley Schwadron’s Cartoon (1)

by Harley Schwadron

Harley Schwadron’s Cartoon (2)

by Harley Schwadron

Chris Gill’s Cartoon (1)

by Chris Gill

Scepticism & Idealism

by Bill Stott

Phil Witte’s Cartoon

by Phil Witte

Chris Gill’s Cartoon (2)

by Chris Gill


The Tragedy and the Paradox of Greek Civilization

by Vincent Kavaloski

The Real Thing

Raul Casso takes Reality 101.

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