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Good Will Hunting

Tamás Szabados gives it an existential analysis.
[Issue 112: February/March 2016: Films: 1 match]

Existentialism as Punk Philosophy

Stuart Hanscomb argues that existentialism is punk philosophy par excellence.
[Issue 115: August/September 2016: Existentialism: 1 match]

Is Morality Objective?

The following answers to this key philosophical question each win a random book.
[Issue 115: August/September 2016: Question of the Month: 1 match]

Is An Ageing Population Our Natural Fate?

Nguyen Ba Thanh wonders if death by old age is civilisation’s destiny.
[Issue 116: October/November 2016: Visions of Society: 1 match]

The Social Contract: A License to Steal

Stephen Faison cross-examines the idea of a social contract.
[Issue 116: October/November 2016: Visions of Society: 1 match]

On Beauty and Being Just by Elaine Scarry

Peter Benson applauds a beautiful book on beauty by Elaine Scarry.
[Issue 44: January/February 2004: Books: 1 match]

Herder & Human Identity

Brian King says that to understand the herd, you need a Herder.
[Issue 112: February/March 2016: Articles: 1 match]

Al Qaeda and ISIS: From Revolution to Apocalypse

Audrey Borowski briefs us on the very different ideologies of two superficially similar terrorist organisations.
[Issue 111: December 2015 / January 2016: Articles: 1 match]

The Dominant Narratives of Future Societies

Ernest Dempsey on what sci fi stories say about the stories controlling our lives.
[Issue 109: August/September 2015: Articles: 1 match]

Einstein’s Morality

Ching-Hung Woo looks at the many facets of Albert Einstein’s approach to ethics.
[Issue 109: August/September 2015: Science & Morality: 1 match]

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