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Henri Bergson and the Perception of Time

Know the name, can’t quite recall what he thought? John-Francis Phipps explains the surprising ideas of the philosopher of vitalism.
[Issue 48: October/November 2004: Consciousness: 1 match]

Hume’s Image Problem

Marc Bobro scrutinizes how Hume thinks about thought.
[Issue 83: March/April 2011: David Hume: 1 match]

The Fourfold Loves of C.S. Lewis and Benedict XVI

David Goicoechea compares two Christian understandings of love.
[Issue 85: July/August 2011: Philosophy & Love: 1 match]

Not So Strange Bedfellows: Philosophical Sci Fi Roundup

Nick DiChario is thoughtfully prophetic.
[Issue 85: July/August 2011: Books: 1 match]

Greening the Gadfly

Paul Keeling on why we need environmental philosophy now.
[Issue 87: November/December 2011: Articles: 1 match]

Me, Paranoid? Who told you?

by Rick Lewis
[Issue 66: March/April 2008: Editorial: 1 match]

Nietzsche: Love, Guilt & Redemption

Eva Cybulska peers into Friedrich Nietzsche’s stormy psyche.
[Issue 86: September/October 2011: Kant & Co.: 1 match]

Earth to Russell

Chad Trainer on the limits of Russell’s views on space exploration.
[Issue 40: March/April 2003: Articles: 1 match]

Philosophy For Children

by David Boersema
[Issue 84: May/June 2011: Editorial: 1 match]

Mutually Assured Destruction

With the conflict between India and Pakistan reaching a point of crisis, the threat of nuclear war is once again on the minds of many. Duncan Richter, Dylan Suzanne and Robert M. Martin discuss the logic behind the Cold War and the doctrine of Mutually Assured Destruction.
[Issue 37: August/September 2002: War: 1 match]

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