Issue 106

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Issue 106: February/March 2015


The Laws of Thought

by Grant Bartley


News: February/March 2015

Conspicuous Shortage of Women Philosophers • Non-Human Rights • Google Hires Philosopher • Museum to Confucius Built — News reports by Sue Roberts, Tomiwa Owolade and Anja Steinbauer


Critical Reasoning

Marianne Talbot tells us how to use the ultimate in transferrable skills.

Resolving Paradoxes

Noson Yanofsky tells us how to deal with contradictions and the limitations of reason that arise from them.

The Need To Move Beyond Homo Faber

Maria daVenza Tillmanns argues that we need to be holistic in our approach to solving complex problems.

Theories That Refute Themselves

Arnold Zuboff untangles the problems of a particular type of bad thinking.

Recovering From Rorty

Dale DeBakcsy recalls his personal journey from Positivist to Pragmatist and back again.


The Allegory of the Alien Invasion

Lisa Kretz asks: How would you feel if it were you?

Why An Alien Invasion Is No Argument For Animal Rights

Rhys Southan gives an unexpected response.

What Good Is Nature?

David Dobereiner reviews the history of the nature of Nature.

The Gods of Spinoza & Teilhard de Chardin

Derek Harrison compares radically alternative visions of the absolute.

Star Trek’s Stoics: The Vulcans

Steven Umbrello explores parallel philosophical universes.

Wittgenstein, Frege & The Context Principle

Susan Lucas on how words gain meaning from their context.

Meaning & Morality in Modernity

Andrew Brower Latz traces two core problems for the modern mind.



War of the Words • Witt and Wisdom • Classics and Scholarship • Determined Not To Know? • Reality and Morality • A Climate of Criticism? • Caged by Mathematics? • Relationships and (A)Morality


Food, Glorious Food For Thought

Tim Madigan on what philosophy means to him.

On Being (Roughly) Here

Raymond Tallis tries to work out where he is.


The End of History and the Last Man by Francis Fukuyama

David Macintosh reaches The End of History.

The Notion of Authority by Alexander Kojève

Daniel Tutt finds The Notion of Authority authoritative.

The Other Son

Thomas Wartenberg observes the family as politics.


Simon & Finn

by Melissa Felder

Jon Carter’s Cartoon

by Jon Carter

You Are Here

by Chris Madden

Bill Stott’s Cartoon

by Bill Stott



Alexander Joy observes a clash of ways of cultivating the mind.

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